Pumptrack Rewards

Wow! That’s all I can say after The Ride Guides first week teaching pumptrack skills to youth in Santa Cruz. The stoke from our crew, both coaches and students, is palpable and the rewards have been huge. The Westside Pumptrack project was spearheaded by Another Bike Shop (ABS), designed by Kyle Jameson and opened in November … Continue reading Pumptrack Rewards

How the West Was Won at Wilder Ranch

This past Tuesday, The Ride Guides teamed up with Cannondale Bicycles for an exclusive demo day of their newly released Trigger mountain bike. Realizing the importance of a debut, this Connecticut headquartered brand utilized our guiding service in Santa Cruz to showcase their best bike offerings. Participants consisted of Cannondale's top selling dealers from across … Continue reading How the West Was Won at Wilder Ranch

Dig, Donate, Advocate

There are few sensations that beat blasting down singletrack in complete control (or perhaps on the ragged edge). The trees that take so long to pass on the way up blur into benign gates as I consume all that hard earned elevation at a rapid clip. The annoying drivetrain creaking and clicking of the derailleur … Continue reading Dig, Donate, Advocate

Basic Mountain Bike Skills Clinic Saturday 11/23/13

Ever wonder how those people on the video seem to float over rocky sections of trail and backflip over 72-foot canyons? We won’t be learning to backflip but the basic skills that you’ll pick up at Saturday morning’s free clinic will inject the confidence into your riding that you’ll need to take it to the … Continue reading Basic Mountain Bike Skills Clinic Saturday 11/23/13

Watching Whales, Learning to Sail….

After checking the forecast for the day (wind variable, five knots or less) I headed down to the harbor with a good bit of concern. What could new sailors possibly gain from sailing lessons without wind? Little did I know that the ocean would come to our rescue, once again. Two snoozing humpbacks blew fishy … Continue reading Watching Whales, Learning to Sail….