Intermediate Mountain Biking

This 4 hour clinic will help you dial in your fundamental skills and give you a new quiver of techniques for squeezing more fun out of your trail time. We’re all after having more fun out on the trail and riding better but how exactly do we do that?

The skills that we’ll be sharing and fine tuning with you will allow you to find your best line on the hill and address the obstacles in your path confidently with better lifts and cornering.

We’ll split the session between skill acquisition and on trail practice.


This class is for you if you’re comfortable descending and have a handle on braking, shifting, and basic cornering.

During this course you’ll learn;

Front wheel lifts – When and how to

The rear wheel lift

Level lifts – that’s right, both wheels off the ground at the same time!

What’s a roll down and why do I need it?

Better braking, when and how

Cornering for fun and speed

Picking lines – Reading the trail for better flow and confidence

Clinic cost is $199 and we’ll provide trail snacks and water, don’t forget to bring your bike, helmet, and gloves. We’ll be offering this really popular clinic at Wilder Ranch State Park on May 11th and September 28th 2019!

The Ride Guides always coach on flat pedals to reinforce best form. If you really want to dial in your skills and get the most out of your kit we recommend that you do too!

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