Excellence in Mountain Biking

First you hear a hoot echoing through the forest. Next the mechanical buzz of a free-wheeling rear hub. Then you spot the bright flash of a jersey through the trees as a rider bursts from the grove in front of you. Their bike is laid down at a 30 degree angle with the rider slung … Continue reading Excellence in Mountain Biking

10 Reasons to Start Mountain Biking

  Photo - Kevin Pritchard By Dave Robinson You’ve seen your neighbor roll out early on Saturday morning with a posse of friends for years now. You regularly bump into a boisterous group of fit and dusty folks with huge grins quaffing beers at the local brewery. Does it ever make you wonder if you’re missing … Continue reading 10 Reasons to Start Mountain Biking

Pump Track Generation

Santa Cruz pump tracks are breeding a bunch of skilled and friendly young riders. by Dave Robinson Santa Cruz is famous in the surfing community not only for it’s quality surf and talented pros but also for its fierce localism. Our surf spots seem to spawn not only talent but, too often, also hostility. Santa … Continue reading Pump Track Generation

Pumped at the Pump Track

It’s at that point when you’ve focused on a project for a while, invested a bunch of effort and received mixed reviews on the value of the endeavor. It could go either way. Four of the guys were sitting on their saddles looking down the slight incline of the entry into Wilder Ranch State Park, … Continue reading Pumped at the Pump Track

Fat Tire Friendships

Recently I got a call from Tawn Kennedy of the local bike-advocacy group Greenways to School asking if I’d like to join the Mission Hill Bike Club for a Wednesday ride. Heck yeah! Bike Club is amazing. It’s a chance for about 20 students to get together and pedal locally while interacting and challenging each … Continue reading Fat Tire Friendships