Private Coaching

Why not invest in your most important bit of mountain bike kit, yourself! We’ll guarantee that you’ll not only gather new skills and confidence with our coaching but also have one of your best days yet on the trail. Santa Cruz has a very diverse network of trails and we’ll take advantage of them to put you on the right trail for your needs.


Your private coaching session begins before you arrive when you complete a skills survey on our booking page to help us discover what you’d like to focus on and assess your current skills. Once onsite we’ll talk about the day’s schedule while we take a quick tour of your bike to ensure that it is tuned for the day’s adventure. We’ll warm up with a few quick drills and then hit the trails best suited for your abilities.

Out on the trail we’ll tackle your biggest challenges and dial in your technique. We’ll shoot video for instant feedback so you can progress immediately through detection and correction of your errors and lock down your new skills on a mental level.

We’ll help you maximize your cornering fun!


We’ll finish with a re-cap and review of your new skills. We guarantee that you’ll discover renewed confidence on the bike and a fresh perspective from the saddle after a day with us.

All of our instructors are IMBA certified and hold Wilderness First Aid certifications to ensure that you’ll have the best care available out on the trail.

video coached

And if you’ve got a friend or crew that would like to step up their game with you contact us for a group rate rate, it’ll defray your cost and boost everyone’s game.

Do you remember your best day of work ever? How about your best day on the bike?Contact us about putting together a team building event for your company today and we’ll put the two together and get a ride on your work calendar!