Learn to Levitate – The Lifts Clinic

Would you like to improve your technical riding? We are hosting the lifts class at DeLaveaga Park in Santa Cruz where there are heaps of roots, steps, and trees to hop over. Join us for a breakthrough day and learn the skill that is your gateway to flow out on the trail, The Bunnyhop! Our lifts clinic will break down the specific techniques behind the

  • Front Wheel Lift
  • Rear Wheel Lift
  • Level Lift
  • Bunnyhop!

We’ll also spend time finding the best lines in this compact park and apply your newfound technique to make the best of them.


We use a full-size tablet with professional coaching software for on trail video analysis to breakdown your challenges and provide a shortcut to success.

We’ll split our time between skill building and on-trail practice. The cost is only $199 and will include trail snacks, post-ride food and refreshments, video analysis, and ongoing feedback from our professional coaches.

Save yourself a season of struggle and dial in your skills in our four-hour clinic on 7/20 at DeLaveaga Park!