Pumped at the Pump Track

It’s at that point when you’ve focused on a project for a while, invested a bunch of effort and received mixed reviews on the value of the endeavor. It could go either way.

Four of the guys were sitting on their saddles looking down the slight incline of the entry into Wilder Ranch State Park, as the other seven students weaved their way unsteadily up the hill.

Reveling in the heady combination of bikes and ocean air
Reveling in the heady combination of bikes and ocean air

A minute later we regroup and talk ride dynamics. (“Announce when you’re slowing. Give way to other trail users. Stop at all crossings and trail junctions so we can re-group.”) The girls voices are wavering a bit and they are winded; it’s pretty apparent that this is more exercise than they are accustomed to. But the boys are raring to go, chomping at the bit, bouncing their front tires on the dirt road alongside a beautiful rosemary field that borders the park. We give the group the go-ahead and the guys are off like a shot.

Tawn Kennedy of Greenways to School has organized a group of eleven students from Pajaro Valley High School to ride the City of Santa Cruz’s pump track on the Westside. The logistics behind this are somewhat more challenging than you might expect: Borrow and fit bikes for everyone, secure permission slips, arrange chaperones, and of course transport all the kids and their bikes in this day of hyper-liability. The goal is obvious though: We all want the kids in South County to have more riding opportunities.

– See more at: http://santacruz.hilltromper.com/article/pajaro-valley-high-santa-cruz-pump-track#sthash.O4xq1642.dpuf

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