Our Thanks and a Promise

I’d  like to take a moment to extend our deepest thanks to everyone who has supported the healthy growth of mountain biking here in Santa Cruz County over the last few years. Cheers to each one of you who picked up a shovel last year to the trail crew leaders and the past and present board members of Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz. From the City of Santa Cruz’s Parks and Recreation department to the rangers in our state parks who understand why we ride and maintain some of our best trails. To the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County and their vision to develop more sustainable singletrack in Santa Cruz. To Hilltromper and Adventure Sports Journal for giving a face and a voice to our sport online and in print. From the bosses who promote the long lunch loop to the spouses who understand the regenerative value of a night ride. Here’s to everyone who has dug, donated, or advocated for more sustainable singletrack and riding opportunities here in Santa Cruz.


Inspired by the community, The Ride Guides promise to redouble our efforts to spur the continued growth of mountain biking here in Santa Cruz County in 2016. We promise to provide pumptrack classes for youth that build bike handling and social skills. We promise to guide visitors on the most appropriate trails for their skills to stimulate the growth of the tourism and the bike business to prove that mountain biking is beneficial to the community. We promise to provide coaching for those who wish to improve their skill and in turn become safer riders. We promise to provide wilderness first aid classes for mountain bikers so riders better understand injury and can care for themselves and others when accidents happen far from medical facilities. We promise to remain vocal in our support to develop more sustainable singletrack and the underlying infrastructure to support more riders in Santa Cruz County. Because we firmly believe that mountain biking makes better people and a healthier planet. And a special thanks to everyone who has supported The Ride Guides programs over the last few years, your patronage fuels our ongoing support of the sport that we are all so passionate about. Now lets get out there and have some fun!

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