Inspired Stewardship

Launching something new is always a bit intimidating, and getting the first few lines down is a bit daunting, but here’s my shot at it.  Welcome to the start of something new that we hope will get people to think about the planet a little differently and start treating it with the respect that it deserves.

Shawna, disappointed with Monterey’s plastic shopping bags

Inspired stewardship is about gaining a new appreciation for the planet.  It is a new lens through which to see the planet, a new community that is already engaged with the planet and looking for a bit of your juice to re-energize the effort.  It is a place to check in, to see what new ideas are helping others get a new perspective on why the health of the earth is so important to all of us.  It is pretty pictures.  It’s a place to meet others to rally a team effort.  It’s a place to find someone to share a bike ride in the woods or a place to post thoughts about your solo walk through the woods.

Dave, enjoying the fruits of his labor!

Shawna and I worked with one of the biggest conservation efforts on Monterey Bay and one of the smallest.  We saw how size can tremendously benefit efforts yet hinder them as well.  We saw how passion can thrive, and how it can be drowned.  What we hope to accomplish here is a bit more open-sourced, so to speak.

Inspired Stewardship is about turning love into action.  Shawna and I are both active outdoor enthusiasts and recognized the chance to help others find opportunities to engage in conservation efforts.  One example for mountain bikers, join your local community for a trailwork morning or simply make a point of picking up the trash you see on the trail.  Our windsurf friends will join us at Davenport for Coastal Cleanup Day on September 15 this year.  This is about empowerment and hope. It’s not too late to be part of the solution.  What is even more exciting, you immediately reap the rewards of your efforts, surrounded by your friends and family.


So please check our blog regularly, and share your ideas with us.  We’ve got huge aspirations for this effort and we hope that you’ll join us!

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  1. i posted here before but not sure if it went through, what you guys are doing is a great thing, awsome even 🙂 it could and should inspire us all to do the same!!! keep it up…

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