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      • Costanoa – Pacific Ocean views 25 miles north of Santa Cruz, also have tent cabins and hotel rooms
      • Henry Cowell State Park – Closed due to CZU Fire – Very close to singletrack in the redwoods – 5 miles from downtown Santa Cruz
      • Manresa Uplands State Park – Cool Beach venue 20 miles south of Santa Cruz
      • Big Basin Redwoods State Park Closed due to CZU Fire –in the redwoods high in the Santa Cruz Mountains, about 25 miles from downtown and a 45-minute drive
      • New Brighton State Beach -New Brighton State Beach features picnic areas, swimming, fishing and a nearby forest of Monterey pine. The camping area is on a bluff overlooking northern Monterey Bay
      • Sunset State Beach -Sunset State Beach features pine trees, mountainous sand dunes, and oceanside picnic spots.