Curbside Clinics

Welcome to our mountain bike skills self-training portal. Our coaching strategy at The Ride Guides is to help you maximize your trail time enjoyment by becoming a more skilled and confident rider. These short clips should serve as a primer that will give you a taste for the progression that we all love about mountain biking and that you can work on while self-isolating in front of your own home!

Front Wheel Lift

Our first set of tips is on the front wheel lift, a core skill that will increase your flow on the trail. The well-timed wheel lift conserves your forward momentum which would otherwise be lost if you were to drive straight through the obstacle. There are two other more advanced methods of lifting the front wheel, the manual and the pedaled wheelie which we teach in our private sessions or Learn to Levitate clinic.

Every skill can be developed in a progression, we recommend you progress from the small stick or curb lift to taller obstacles in a safe environment!