If you’re visiting Santa Cruz and are looking for a good place to stay then give us a shout.

How about a room complete with an outdoor shower and hot tub that is conveniently located only two blocks from an epic bike shop and the local brewery? Heck yeah!


This  AirBNB rental is only a few blocks from the Westside trailhead and goes for $85/night.

If you’re looking for a hotel room at the center of the mountain biking universe (or a block of rooms for your whole crew), check with our friends at Mission Inn, just one block from The Ride Guides headquarters.

We like to think that we’ve got our thumb on the pulse of mountain biking in Santa Cruz (we’ve been riding here since 1990) and want to ensure that you have the very best riding experience possible while in Santa Cruz so if you have any questions just drop us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you!